Dream 7 Theatre Productions is a community theatre company based in Nashville, TN.

This teaching company provides members of the community with a chance to try their hand at acting and all the disciplines involved in live theatre.

Featured Performance: Feb 2015

Cultural Millennium


Our signature performance, Cultural Millennium, serves as our season opening performance.  It was written 20 years ago by Michael L. Walker to serve as a poetic retrospective, black experience over the last millennium.  The play is presented in 2 acts as a series of vignettes.  Steeped heavily in culture, visiting both triumphs and pains of the North American Diaspora.  It is skillfully cast as an ensemble piece featuring the likes of some 12-15 actors.


CULTURAL MILLENNIUM – A poetry-theater piece that blends poetry, music, and dance. It tells the story of the African American experience from the coast of West Africa up through modern day. It journeys through the Middle Passage, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights movement, and the Disco era. It examines present-day issues such as gang problems, crack addiction, and the AIDS epidemic in the black community. It also celebrates black love, the strength of the African American male, and speaks to the hope of a culture that was evident since being stolen.

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