Dream 7 Theatre Productions was founded in February of 2002 by Playwright/Director Michael L. Walker.  Walker has served as Executive Director for the twelve years of the company’s existence.  Throughout these twelve years, Dream 7 has stayed true to Mr. Walker’s original vision of being a teaching company that provides members of the community with a chance to try their hand at acting and all the disciplines involved in live theatre.  Dream 7 has also attempted to provide the arts as an alternative for the youth in the community it serves.

Over the years, Dream 7 has presented only original theatrical works that been well received in the greater Nashville area.  Many of them have been written and directed by Walker himself.  The company has also given opportunity to other young playwright/directors over the years.

It has been said that when there is a production of most African American theatre companies in Nashville that at least five to eight members of the cast have come through Dream 7 at some point in time.  Also there have been five other theatre companies that were founded by members of Dream 7 as they have grown in their art.

Dream 7 plans to continue its original vision and mission as they move through their second decade of serving their community in the greater Nashville metro area.


Mission Statement

To present classic African American theatre in the vein that speaks to it’s rich history through doing original works only.  These works will reflect an honest and truthful interpretation of the Black culture that is a part of the fabric of the history of this country.  Also through these presentations we hope to inspire, inform, and educate our audiences.

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The second part of our mission is a teaching entity for those who wish to try their hand at all areas of live theatre.  Whether acting, set design, technical support, stage managing, and all other areas.  We believe that everyone, regardless of age, should be allowed that first chance.

Finally, Dream 7 wishes to impact the youth of our immediate community by providing them with alternatives that are a positive choice  for them as an activity.

Non-Profit Statement

Dream 7 Productions currently has a non-profit organization pending 501 3(c) designation.  The objective to provide Arts Access is fulfilled by the Theatre Troupe, Educational Workshops, and community outreach. Booking, performance, and reproduction is funded by donation.  Any business conducted by its volunteer executive cabinet is supported primarily through volunteer works.  For additional information regarding the organizational charter, bylaws, and organizational structure, please contact Michael L. Walker at 4michaelsdream@comcast.net