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Black Knight Society




THE MAN UP CHRONICLES – Grammy winner Shannon Sanders and Michael L. Walker collaborate on a call to Black men to stand up and be men. They examine the good and not so good state of the men of their culture through music, poetry, and short skits. This production serves as a platform to celebrate their history and a positive road into the future.



DUPLEXES – Living in tiny low-rent apartments, BJ and Mary show us that they want what we all want….a better life. These ladies deal with an in and out drug-addicted daughter, granddaughters who are growing up too fast, and HIV issues. All of this while navigating romance, abusive relationships, and the welfare system. Somehow these two friends find a way to laugh and keep it moving.


Riotous Behaviors

RIOTOUS BEHAVIORS – In the midst of the 1965 Watts Riots, an owner of a neighborhood store in South Central L.A. fights to survive. Clarence Grissom and his family deal with the normal stress of being small business owners who happen to be Black, compounded by their community burning down around them. Not to mention dealing with shady family members, worrying about looters, and a Police officer friend who is mistaken as a rioter.


CUTLURAL MILLENNEUM – A poetry theater piece that blends poetry, music, and dance. It tells the story of the African American experience from the coast of West Africa up through today. It journeys through the Middle Passage, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights movement, and the Disco era. It examines present-day issues such as gang problems, crack addiction, and the AIDS epidemic in the black community. It also celebrates black love, the strength of the African American male, and speaks to the hope of a culture that was evident since being stolen.


ADVISIN’ UNCLES – Three brothers who own a bar and have some dealings that are a little more than shady are perplexed by their young nephew who seems to have money in his pocket that they cannot account for. They try to find out his sources and get him back on point for the positive dreams they have for him at the insistence of their sister. The play also takes a look at the plight of the street people than wander in and out of the bar. It is set in a time just before the crack epidemic fully hit black communities nationwide.


PULPITS – A young Pastor from Mississippi is sent north to straighten out a problem church for the Bishop that presides over the region. He is met with resistance and support by established members. He realizes the difficulty of his task as he deals with those of whom fight changes they don’t want in place. The neighborhood crack head also has an agenda that includes more than smoking crack.



GOSPEL – Another poetic journey that celebrates the African American cultures spiritual journey from the Hush Arbor, the only place they could worship freely as slaves until present day. Again with poetry and song it speaks to the faith of a culture that always has leaned on a powerful and loving God.


SOOTHSAYER – An older gentlemen, Baltimore Cotton moves north to live with his daughter and son-in-law who own a boarding house. There, just as in his old home, people come to him because of his ability to see into the past at deeds they have done and into the future at deeds they will do. They are not always pleased with Baltimore’s answers to their questions. He eventually passes this gift on to a granddaughter who was previously thought to be more than a little slow.













DOWN – Down offers a window into the other, rarely acknowledged lives affected by male incarceration; mainly those of the women and children of prison inmates, who often bare the brunt of the burden.